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Linkedin groups for lead generation: 3 lessons learned that get leads

Linkedin groups for lead generation: 3 lessons learned that get leads | Linkedin for Business Marketing |
At first, using LinkedIn groups for lead generation was like taking a stick to my eye. But once I realized 3 things I got more leads. Here's how you can too.
Peg Corwin's insight:

To be efficient in generating leads from Linkedin groups, this blogger creates content templates on FAQs in his field and then monitors targeted groups looking for people with these problems.


"This is my biggest secret: Taking my best nuggets of wisdom and putting them into “comment templates” that save me time AND get more response. Here’s how it works.

"I take my best insights or step-by-step instructions on “how to do ___” (something group readers clearly need to do or figure out) and write them in bite-sized portions. (75-200 words)

"Then I apply them (cut, paste and lightly edit for context) every time I see an opportunity to help someone who needs it… as I’m trolling LinkedIn groups for prospects who need them.

"You see, LinkedIn groups are places where prospects seek free advice, tips, shortcuts or ways to avoid risks. Within groups, discussions start as questions or commentary. Sometimes questions are the topic. Other times questions emerge as discussion unfolds. Either way, you have a chance to:

  1. spot questions and expressions of pain, fear, confusion, worry or desire and
  2. convert them into leads.

"These expressions are opportunities to start using LinkedIn groups for lead generation."

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